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These are just a few of the hundreds of pictures we took while in Romania.  Look through them to see whom your furniture purchase will benefit, and to give you a taste of the Romania we know and love.

a1 Mountains from Holiday Inn in Siniai at about 8.jpg (47216 bytes) e7 Many ranges.jpg (14532 bytes) b4 Gorgeuos forests.jpg (29552 bytes)e5 The family who is going to reintegrate thier 2 grandchildren.jpg (39912 bytes) a2 Gypsy children's classroom.jpg (40172 bytes) b1 More Gypsy homes.jpg (61320 bytes)  e1 The Babies' Orphanage in Cluj.jpg (38264 bytes) e2 A 0-1 year old in a crib.jpg (22048 bytes)f5 Lydia & Meghan holding kids.jpg (43700 bytes) f1 Three kids playing in 1 crib.jpg (33616 bytes) g2 ONe who wants to leave.jpg (44268 bytes) a8 The girl undergoing physical therapy.jpg (34516 bytes) a3 Entrance to the hospital.jpg (34044 bytes) b4 A girl in a wheelchair at the hospital.jpg (45000 bytes) c4 More prisoners.jpg (48504 bytes) d2 Some of the boys.jpg (33700 bytes) f2 A child hiding in fear.jpg (24208 bytes)

If you have managed to get this far, you will know what your purchase will help alleviate.  I have seen these children, some having no more of a defect than slightly large ears, suffering in the cold hospital, unloved until they die, and children in the orphanage, of which two out of 180 were true orphans, the rest abandoned, or with parents still visiting them.  I want to help them!

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