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Dear Friends,

Today the word "Shaker" has become synonymous with quality, but to the nineteenth century Shakers, there was much more to it than that.  To them it was a lifestyle, rooted in a deep reverence to God; a lifestyle of efficiency, simplicity, and compassion.  Their furniture was not an end but a means to the end, a method by which they could show compassion to the poor, orphaned, and widows of their time.

For this same end, the Whitney family has created Shaker with a Mission.  Following a tour of the devastating orphanages of Romania, we decided to turn our hobby and passion into a means to support the orphans of Romania.  (For pictures, click here.)

It is our intent at Shaker with a Mission to recreate the simplicity, efficiency, and quality of the original Shakers.  A major portion of the revenue will be given to World Vision Romania for the orphans' support.  We thank you greatly, and we hope you enjoy our website.


The Whitney Family


(For more about us, please click here.)